Side by Side 2024

Fundraiser Exhibition at Union Gallery: January 16–February 10, 2024
Live Ticketed Event (Virtual): February 10, 2024, 7pm-10pm EST

Artwork Catalogue

In addition to the virtual live ticketed event, side by side 2024 will include an in-person Fundraiser Exhibition at Union Gallery. Visit the in-person exhibition or view our online catalogue to make note of your favourite works. We've added options for art lovers who want to support our work: purchase a tote bag, make a donation, or pre-order our side by side postcard packs or a limited edition pin by upcoming visiting artist, Adrien Crossman!


Ticket holders choose from a wide selection of artworks available in a multitude of styles—but, with a twist. Tickets are drawn in our famed lottery style, live over Zoom. When a ticket holder's name is called, they have two minutes to claim an artwork of their choice which corresponds to the dollar value of the ticket. side by side makes for an exhilarating evening from the comfort of home as ticket holders anticipate hearing their name and keep an eye on all their favourite artworks!



For nearly 30 years, Union Gallery's annual fundraiser has featured the works of student and professional artists alike in an exhibition and lottery-style draw. Given that students and professional artists share space in all that we do, and share walls in this annual salon-style exhibition, we’re giving our fundraiser a fresh new name: side by side.

Artists generously donate their work to support Union year after year, which meaningfully contributes to our operations. While keeping the famed lottery-style approach to our ticketed event, we feel strongly that it is time to introduce a way for our artists to earn some revenue too. This change will introduce a tiered ticket system at two price points: $100 or $200. Artwork values will be set by the artists, who will be invited to donate 1 artwork at 100% value and encouraged to submit up to 4 additional works with the option of donating 50% or 100% of the value of each. Ticket holders will then make their selection from the pool of artworks corresponding to the value of their ticket(s).

This year's edition of side by side is co-curated by Bailey Laing and Re Parsons.

If you have any questions, please reach out: / / 613.533.3171