Upcoming Winter 2022
Open to: Queen's University students
Free program

Union Gallery invites Queen's University students to book in-person Studio Visits. Get to know and connect with staff from Union Gallery, practice talking about your artwork, and hash out new ideas. We can't wait to meet more students and see what you've been working on.

Image: Studio visit with Ella Gonzales, 2020 | Photo: Carina Magazzeni

We want to hear your ideas + see your work!

Studio visits are a useful tool for making new connections with other people in the art world. They can prove an invaluable opportunity to rehearse talking about your finished and future work. Having a studio visit can also help you overcome the nervousness that accompanies presenting new work to a public audience.


We are your student gallery! Union Gallery is the primary public gallery at Queen's University dedicated to showcasing the range and excellence of students' artistic and curatorial practices. We’re committed to supporting creative growth through merging technical and critical understandings of the arts, as well as fostering a diverse network of artistic production, presentation and interpretation. Learn more about our team!

Meenakashi Ghadial, 2021

Nicole Banton, 2021
Jobelle Quijano, 2021

Claire Dobbie, 2021