Unraveling: it’s up to you

Public Installation with Greta Grip + Lee Jones
July 30, 2022 at 12pm | Victoria Park
Free + Open to all
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We have spent the past two and a half years being exposed to charts, graphs, and data through our screens that keep us up to date on the latest pandemic changes. These various data sources have been a source of anxiety and panic, and in this work we wanted to unpack our feelings around this time to reflect on what we have learned.

In our participatory installation we will collectively unravel the pandemic. We have produced several knitted panels with images and texts gathered from responses to questions we asked the community on how this time has changed us, and well as what things remained the same. The panels are layered with knitting that the audience will tug on (both manually and through automatic sensors) to unravel it until it completely disappears. In this interactive performance the viewer is the audience as well as the performer, and will be able to determine how quickly the work unravels.

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Greta Grip + Lee Jones

Greta Grip and Lee Jones have been an artist duo since 2019. They enjoy engaging with the community with participatory artworks that evolve over time and require involvement from the audience. They live in a world in which data mining is a hidden practice, and the digital traces we leave behind are collected and used without our knowledge. By contrast, their textile artworks are transparent in their conversion of selected data into something tactile. In their projects the data sources have varied from human activity, biofeedback, to environmental sensors.


From One Place to Another: Wandering Art is generously funded by the Kingston Arts Council and the City of Kingston through the City of Kingston Arts Funds (CKAF) Adapt Grant.

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