September 24 – December 11, 2021
Free + Open to all

Building a collection of individualized tiles which will be pulled together to construct a spot to sit, be still, and exist as a place to come together.

Take part in Together, we tile, a collaborative art project by Union Gallery for Culture Days 2021. Sign up to receive a small ceramic tile to design at your heart's delight.

Spend time and get creative with how you decide to personalize your tile piece. Everyone who signs up for a tile will receive an instructional zine and further details on the workshop. Abby Nowakowski led a virtual workshop on October 6, covering the instructional zine details, ranging from tile design potentials, to techniques and ideas to help connect us all and hold conversations centered around dreams, exploration and re-imagining our tomorrow.

We will be collecting all completed tile pieces to construct a sculptural structure, where all these gathered feelings, ideas, and pieces of artwork can come together and be enjoyed by all.

admin and communications coordinator


Abby Nowakowski is a queer art facilitator and interdisciplinary artist who is driven by curiosity and community. In her role as Administrative & Communications Coordinator at Union Gallery, Abby works to bring a spirit of care, thoughtfulness, play, experimentation, organization and responsibility to the gallery. Overtly passionate about the arts, she has been teaching, creating and working hard to make the arts more accessible for almost a full decade now. With Ahmri Vandeborne, they run an inclusive art space in Guelph, Ontario called Otherwise Studios where they teach a wide range of mediums and run loads of art events centred around skill development and mess making.