October 5, 2019, 5pm
Open to all
Free event with refreshments

We are thrilled to celebrate the publication launch of 25 Years of Union Gallery at the opening reception of Union Gallery's 25th anniversary exhibition, Re: UNION. This publication offers a chronology of the gallery's history with an essay by Tessa Wilson and introduction by Jocelyn Purdie. This project was completed as an independent study course for her Master's degree in Art History and Art Conservation.

While there are many exhibitions and events featured in this publication, it is important to note that these represent only a sampling of the vast number of individuals who have contributed to the gallery's history. Over the years, many summer students have delved into the gallery archive to pull out key moments in its history including Dayna Riemland, Madeleine Leisk, Leyla Chisamore, Quinn Venable and Tessa Wilson. This newspaper-style publication has come to life through graphic designs by Jude Pinto and Emma Roberts.


Image: Opening Reception, Re: UNION, 2019 | Photo: Chris Miner