January 18 | March 15 | April 19, 2022
Tuesdays, 6–7:30pm
Open to all
Free + virtual program

Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre and Union Gallery are pleased to co-present the 2021–2022 Professional Development Series. Taking place over the Fall and Winter seasons, the series includes free workshops facilitated by arts professionals and local artists, geared towards emerging, mid-career and student artists and curators. Participants will gain enhanced experiential learning opportunities, develop a toolkit of skills in preparing for a career in the arts and extend networks with Kingston’s contemporary art communities.

Image: Poetry Reading Event, Culture Days, 2018

Upcoming Making Art Work programs

Focus on Finances Pt. 2: Managing money and taxes as a freelancer
January 18, 2022, 6pm

With by Tova Epp, hosted by Agnes

Tax season can be stressful, especially so for freelancers working in the arts! Tax preparer Tova Epp from Artbooks has over 12 years of experience doing the taxes of many incredible artists. During this session she will talk about what artists and independent curators should collect and track throughout the year, how to prepare for tax season, why some people choose to incorporate, saving for retirement and more.

Tova Epp is a tax preparer/actor/certified animals-in-disaster rescuer. She’s been working at Artbooks for over 12 years doing the taxes of many incredible artists. Tova graduated with a BFA-Distinction from Concordia University. When she’s not at Artbooks she can be seen at one of her many other jobs around the city, or auditioning for yet another commercial.

Talking about Artist Talks
March 15, 2022, 6pm

With Hiba Abdallah, hosted by Union Gallery

Do you get flustered when someone asks you about your art practice? Do you get nervous about being asked to speak on demand about your work–be it for a large audience at an event or a one-on-one conversation in your studio? You don’t need to be a wordsmith but finding the language and practice talking about your art or even ideas behind your work can propel and even help define an artist’s career. In this professional development workshop, artist Hiba Abdallah will walk us through the essentials of what goes into a meaningful talk and how to better structure our ideas.

Hiba Abdallah is a text-based artist who frequently works with others. Her practice explores the structural legacies and future of cities by researching the intersections of hospitality, agitation, and disagreement as productive frameworks for re-imagining public agency. She has created work across media—from public interventions to community projects, gallery exhibitions, and publications.

Preparing Portfolios
April 19, 2022, 6pm

With David McClyment, hosted by Modern Fuel

Good enough is not enough. Not when it comes to presenting your portfolio. The competition for you as a creative professional is absolutely FIERCE! For EVERY opportunity! You have to assume that everyone else knows how to present their portfolio brilliantly. You have to be able to do the same. So that art directors, jurors, commissioners, clients – whoever looks at your portfolio – can assess your work clearly on its merits and be convinced. This workshop will go through basic do’s and don’ts, so that when you present your portfolio people pay attention.

David McClyment has been pitching portfolios for over 40 years as a professional fine artist. Of course, he has faced rejection many times. But he has also had success with galleries, curators, grant juries, and competitions. He has also served on juries and selection committees – and seen what works, and what doesn’t! Please note that McClyment’s personal professional experience is limited to the fine arts world. But the larger points in this workshop should apply to other creative disciplines. Wherever possible, he will endeavour to tailor the information to your specific situation.