Introduction to E-textiles

with Greta Grip + Lee Jones
In-person Workshop: July 29, 2022 at 5pm
Free + Open to all

E-textiles and having electronics in your clothes might sound like science-fiction but are actually a fun and easy way to learn all about electricity and building sensors. E-textiles combine learning craft techniques (such as sewing, weaving, knitting and crocheting) with the added excitement of making a circuit work.

In this introductory workshop individuals will learn all about soft circuits and get the chance to make their own light up bookmark. This workshop will cover the basics of sewing with conductive thread, how to build your circuit, and sewing tools and techniques you can use to put everything together. No prior knowledge of electronics or sewing is required for this workshop. Beginners welcome!


Greta Grip + Lee Jones

Greta Grip and Lee Jones have been an artist duo since 2019. They enjoy engaging with the community with participatory artworks that evolve over time and require involvement from the audience. They live in a world in which data mining is a hidden practice, and the digital traces we leave behind are collected and used without our knowledge. By contrast, their textile artworks are transparent in their conversion of selected data into something tactile. In their projects the data sources have varied from human activity, biofeedback, to environmental sensors.


From One Place to Another: Wandering Art is generously funded by the Kingston Arts Council and the City of Kingston through the City of Kingston Arts Funds (CKAF) Adapt Grant.

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