with Beth Townsend

March 23, 2023, 12pm–4pm
Open to: Femme folks, non-binary friends, and queer pals*
Free + in-person program

Femme Coding is a full day workshop designed to provide the opportunity and resources for femme folk to learn, develop, and experiment with coding skills. Led by Beth Townsend, a totally rad software developer who is passionate about clean coding, this workshop gives participants a chance to learn foundational knowledge in programming in a low-pressure, empowering environment led by and for women and gender non-confirming folk. Beth has taught all levels including kids summer camps, one-on-one mentorships, and is constantly thinking up innovative and creative ways to write more accessible code. During this in-person workshop, participants will learn the basic elements that are used to structure a web page using a coding language called HTML. Then, participants will style those elements with colour and positioning using CSS.


Image: the back-end of this webpage in HTML
*There will be no gender policing ☻

This project prioritizes these goals:

To create a safe and welcoming space for women and non-confirming folks to learn fundamental coding skills. Centered around conversation, the workshop provides students of Queen’s University and members of the Katarokwi-Kingston community with an opportunity to engage with professional women in tech as well as build community with others.


To provide an opportunity for students of Queen’s University and members of the Katarokwi-Kingston community to collectively develop skills in code and programming. Supporting creative growth through merging technical and critical understandings of tech, as well as a deeper understanding of how code can impact everything we do.


To empower students of Queen’s University and members of the Katarokwi-Kingston community to continue to use the skills and knowledge they develop during the Femme Coding workshop in future endevours and creation. To foster a mentorship between emerging and professional folks that can extend beyond the duration of the workshop.

Beth Townsend

Beth Townsend (she/her) is a Software Engineer and passionate about clean coding with a focus on backend web development. She currently works as a Senior Software Developer at Shopify, and is no stranger to start-ups and side projects. Beth completed her Master’s of Science in Computational Biophysics at the University of Guelph (2016), and completed her Bachelor of Science in Physics with Distinction in Spoken Spanish at the University of Aberdeen (2014).

Beth is familiar with a variety of coding languages: Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Rust (to name a few) and loves learning new ones. Beth is originally from Scotland, but moved to Canada for her Master’s and now lives in Central Frontenac on a small hobby farm with her spouse, dog, cat, and small flock of chickens.