January 17, 2020, 3pm–5pm
Open to all
Free program with refreshments

Join Tone Deaf Music Fesitval and Union Gallery in celebrating Art's 1,000,057th birthday! On January 17, 1963, artist Robert Filliou declared Art to be one million years old. The first work of art, he said, was a dry sponge inadvertently dropped into some water. "Modest beginnings, but look where we are now!" Since then, artists have come together in networked parties all around the world to celebrate creativity, collaboration and artistic expression.

Enjoy live performances, eat some birthday cake, and celebrate the 1,000,057th birthday of Art! Performances by Mike Lukaszuk, Alyssa Cooper, Bruce Kauffman, Bob MacKenzie, Kyoko Ogoda, Owen Bowie, Hugh Box and Matt Rogalsky. With remarks by artists in the student group exhibition Level Earth.

Image: Performance by Kyoko Ogodo, Art's Birthday, 2020