Art as Inquiry and Artist Collectives

Inquiry @ Queen’s Undergraduate Research Conference

March 9, 2022, 9:30–10:20am
Free + Virtual Program

Speakers: Claire Dobbie, Meenakashi Ghadial, Lauren Russo, Jobelle Quijano, Rebecca Vangennip, Ruža Vatres, BFA students, Fine Art (Visual Art) Moderated by: Alexander Rondeau, PhD student, Cultural Studies

Image: Claire Dobbie, Linger, 2021, oil on canvas

During this panel, members of the 4o8 Collective—namely, Jillian Beedell, Claire Dobbie, Meenakashi Ghadial, Jobelle Quijano, Lauren Russo, Rebecca Vangennip, and Ruža Vatres—will unpack the potentialities and issues of working as a collective artistic unit. While working as collectives, artists are well poised to share resources, receive and exchange valuable peer feedback, and situate their respective works alongside artists working in other mediums and disciplines. Conversely, working as a collective also prompts certain challenges such as striking a balance between individual artistic output, and collective artistic output, and determining the often blurry lines between individual artistic authorship and collaborative artistic authorship. To this end, the artists will provide insight to their respective practices, and collective ambitions. In their current exhibition, I still see your ghost dancing in my room, the 4o8 Collective have each presented individual artworks that, together, amount to a cohesive exhibition exploring their central inquiries as a collective. Key tenants to the 4o8 Collective mandate include: commitment to bridging differences of both personal subject positions and artistic motivations by way of situating their artworks in relation to, and in dialogue with each other, experimentation, and expectations of completion versus openness to failure. The Art as Inquiry & Artist Collectives panel will delve into the processes of collaboration, co-production, and experimentation that have fostered the generative artistic trajectory of the 4o8 Collective.