The Migrant Dispatch

Migrant Student Interactive Exhibition

Project Room
Co-presented by Union Gallery x PSAC Local 901

Union Gallery and PSAC Local 901 co-present The Migrant Dispatch.
More details to come soon.

Image: PSAC event at Queen's University, 2022 | Courtesy of PSAC Local 901

To dispatch is to be sent off from a point of origin for a particular goal, for a purpose, to be in transit to another place and to report, to document, to tell a story. Migrant students come to foreign lands with dreams, desires, hopes, but also encounter anxiety at the border, crisis in transit, fear on the streets.

Migrant students are indeed also workers, with their study permits doubling as restrictive work permits. Moreover, on campus, their funding relies on them to work as TAs, RAS, TFs without financial support from the Canadian government that isn't highly restrictive. International students are thus always last for financial assistance but as the pandemic has made explicit: they are considered essential to a crisis-ridden economy.

And yet, the odds remain stacked against migrant students: for the Canadian Federal Government, a student's job doesn't count as work for permanent status; for the university, students hardly ever count as workers. What is it then, really, to be dispatched temporarily, precariously?