[B]etter [F]utures [A]head

What are you creating?

Valerie Camila Letts, Claire J. Dobbie, Jobelle Quijano, Maddy Baird, Nikolas Ferrarro, Lauren Russo, Maddie Rossetti, Jude Al Samman, Samantha Waddell, Rebecca van Gennip, Ruza Vatres, Kristen Fernberg, Alexander Vachon, Michaela Zinsmeister, Fiona Lafrance, Lauren Smart, Hannah White, Mara Bureau, Fiona McMillan, Meenakashi Ghadial, Sarah Silva, Amelia Tran, Elise Masotti, Paige Chiusolo, Abby Gowland, Willow, Sydney Hanson

Curated by Cicely Haggerty and Anna Douglas
Feature Wall
January 17 – February 4, 2023

Image: Artworks by BFA students Valerie Camila Letts, Claire Dobbie, and Jobelle Quijano

Image: Exhibition view, [B]etter [F]utures [A]head, artworks by BFA students, curated by Anna Douglas and Cicely Haggerty, 2023 | Photo: Talib Ali

Throughout the ‘90s, students and arts workers in Katarokwi-Kingston successfully advocated for an exhibition space at Queen’s dedicated to showing student and emerging artists works. This space became Union Gallery. As UG’s main fundraising event, the 2023 iteration of Cézanne’s Closet is an opportunity to celebrate this history and the artists who have shaped it.

The works on display are hung in conversation with each other, rather than separated by medium, theme or subject matter – demonstrating the power of unity, collectivity, and variety of the local art scene. Given our theme, this year’s Cézanne’s Closet has extended its program to include artworks created by current BFA students shown on the feature wall at the entrance of the gallery. All proceeds from this fundraiser directly impact the experiential learning of students to develop skills in arts administration, curation, and public programming at Union Gallery.