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Union Gallery Vitrine Project

Jan 18 - Mar 16, 2019 | Small Potatoes Zine Collective
Located just outside the gallery - stop by any time of the day

We hosted a collective zine-making workshop at the Union Gallery on January 9th around the theme of "public feelings." In line with the Public Feelings Project started by artists/scholars/activists Lauren Berlant, Vanalyne Green, Debbie Gould, Mary Patten, and Rebecca Zorach, we wanted to ask: what happens when we get together to trade stories about the everyday feelings of shame, failure, awkwardness, embarrassment, and guilt? In taking these feelings seriously as the starting points for a zine, how might we contribute to the depathologization of "negative" feelings and rethinking the categories of positive and negative affect?

Participants were encouraged to read Ann Cvetkovich's "Public Feelings: A Collective Project" (2012) before the workshop and invited to bring along an share an object, picture, or story that touches on any "negative" feelings. Over the course of the evening, we shared food, exchanged stories, and worked on a collective zine that archived our thinking, feeling, and making together.

Friendship Gifts + Ephemera + Artist Acknowledgements:
Embroidered Patch ~ Handmade Super Sensitive Patch by Ambivalently Yours, www.ambivalentlyyours.com.
Mixtape ~ GRHM BVRL / Xiao Xuan split mixtape released by Quiet Bedrooms. Limited edition of 50. Original J-card photo taken by Xiao Xuan in the Adirondacks, 2018. Design by Eva Link. All songs written and recorded by Graham Beverly and Xiao Xuan, www.qtqb.bandcamp.com.
Felted Patch ~ Handmade by Chow Kong-chuen, @mumsnothome.
Ceramic Dish ~ Purchased in Hong Kong, China.
Notebook ~ Handmade by Ella Gonzales, @ellaggonzales.

Small Potatoes Press (Carina Magazzeni, Ella Gonzales, G H Y Cheung, and Michelle Bunton) would like to thank our collaborators Amythist, Bree, Deena Jacobs, Hilary, Lin Lune, Tatiana, and Tim Murphy.

Small Potatoes Press collaborates with artists/writers/scholars on printed ephemera. We collectively make zines/chapbooks/artist books with our collaborators, a gesture that generates the intimacy required for networks for care. Our micropress takes its name from the idiom "small potatoes," poking fun at the idea that small is insignificant. Instead, we embrace the possibilities of the small-scale and an amateur, DIY ethos.


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