Union Gallery

Off-site ProjectS

The off-site projects by the Union Gallery signify an important step towards a more diverse range of contemporary art programming. We hope that through these events we will increase the awareness and accessibility of contemporary student art.

Previous Off-Site Projects

The Union Gallery and Juvenis Festival Storefront Art Gallery
Constructed Landscapes, Curated by Christopher Grant

April 29 - May 7, 2017

The Union Gallery presents
Self-y? | curated by Madeleine Leisk

April 14-28, 2016

Heather Smith, Neven Lochhead, and Phoebe Cohoe
Transit Pass

September 2012

Barbara Meneley

February 2012

Art Shift Mentorship Program
Art Shift I (2009-2010) & Art Shift II (2010-2011)

Lisa Figge and Patricia Mader
Food Fight II
April - May 2009

Jacqueline Collomb, Klaudio Shita, and Lisa Figge

March 26th - April 18, 2008

Samantha Mogelonsky, Talie Shalmon, and Lisa Visser
Out of Site: art negotiating neglected spaces

March 25th through April 17th, 2006

Jennifer Titus, York Lethbridge, and Lisa Visser
Parking Art in Parking Lots

May – September 2004