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Main Space Exhibitions

2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2018


Student Group Exhibition / Body Positive

Student Group Exhibition / Temporal Encounters

Student Group Exhibition / (Me)diated re/flections


Lindsey Wilson / worked up | wound up

Curated by robin alex mcdonald / without repair

4th year BFA Student Group Exhibition / Course of Action

Student Group Exhibition / Ever Passing


Student Group Exhibition / SURFACE

Mathieu Léger / Espace Plausible; Plausible Space

Amélie Brisson-Darveau / Contraint à courir après des ombres plus séduisantes que la réalité ; Essays on shadows

4th year BFA Student Group Exhibition / Groundwork

Student Group Exhibition / Striking the Line


Student Group Exhibition / REVEAL

Emily Jan / After the Hunt

Robert Hengeveld / Erratic Turns

Various 2nd year BFA student artists / Drawn In: Selected Drawings by 2nd year BFA Students

Sonny Assu (curated by Ellyn Walker) / Remixed: Reconfiguring the Imaginary

Various Artists (curated by Ellyn Walker) / Selections from North Adams: Re-mapping a history of printmaking from Queen's


Suzanne Carte, Su-Ying Lee (Curators: Under New Management) / Video Store Project

Nathan Heuer and Brynn-Higgins Stirrup / Common Ground

Julie Driver, Iris Fryer, Emily Gong, Brian Hoad, Cindy Kwong, Lauren McEwen / Shaken and Stirred

Dayna Riemland, Jesse Wardell, Lindsey Wilson / Absent Bodies 

Katherine Boxall, Morgan Campbell, Francesca Pang / Stuck Inside


Jaime Angelopoulos and Derrick Piens / Three Step Snare

Caitlin Lapena, Sara Perosa / thecomputerisdead

Alexandra Brickman, Sarah Love, Magdalena Slabosz / Bodies & Bonds

Joanna Bo Han Shi, Sylvia Lesniewski, Anna Speyer / Ipseity


Rachael Dodgson and Nicole Kerouac / OIL & ACID

Z'otz* Collective / Memorable Paths of the Fly

Susi Brister, Ben Darrah, Susan Dobson, Sarah Fuller, Maria Whiteman / Wish You Were Here: Interventions into Landscape

Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre & Union Gallery members' show and sale/ Invitation

Audrey Assad & Rosalind Breen / Bloom

Brynn Higgins-Stirrup & David Woodward / The Last Swim

Emma Kent & Kelsey-Lynn Corradetti / In the Wake Of

Emily Carlaw & Rachel Lee / Queen Anne's Lace


Jaclyne Grimoldby & Anicka Vrana-Godwin / Anatomy Studies

Sophie Jodoin / Small Dramas & Little Nothings

Martin Golland, Ufuk Gueray, Chris Millar / Strange Reverie

Mackenzie Browning, Ebonnie Hollenbeck, Janghan Hong, Kaisa Moran, Daniela Tanaka Lo / cut + print

Emma Craig, Faith Webster/ Animate Objects

Phoebe Cohoe, Kaisa Moran / From the Tablet of My Memory

Heather Smith, Mackenzie Browning / Stories We Tell Ourselves


Sarah Ammons, Emily Turgeon-Brunet, Daniela Tanaka Lo / People Watching

Emily Turner and Lianne Suggitt / The Sins of Our Fathers

Andrew McPhail / CRYBABY

Eva Kolcze, Andreas Rutkauskas, Clare Samuel, C. Wells / Topographies

Dominique Jones, Elisabeth Randell, and Jennifer Bryson / Me. More. Is.

Kathryn Poy and Jane Poon / Qi

Jessica Marion Barr, Daniela Hollenbach, Phoebe McQuay, Heather Smith,
Julia Krolik, Jennifer Bryson, Lianne Suggitt, Emily Turner Curated by Christine Dewancker & Laura Stewart / In Power: Out of Control

Laura Stewart, Katie Strang, and Bronwyn Loucks / Body of Work

Dunne & Raby, Harun Farocki, and Milica Tomic / MyWar


Maria Paterakis & Rhiana Sneyd / The Light Snow

Brienne Lim, Sophie Williams, Jessica Thomson, Katherine Dobson / NODES

Kate Wilson / Curious Lights

Lisa Figge / Dust to Dust

Jenny Brown, Catherine Toews, Erin Milliken, Anna Elmberg Wright, Kaethe Yanovsky / Synergies: selected works by five emerging artists from Kingston

Mary Macdonald and Justin Steinburg / human condition

Cecily Jane Taylor and Andrea Por / The Breath of It All

Karina Lusink and Min Shin / Come and change, come and change into anything you will

Kim Armstrong and Monique Baena-Tan / Between Spaces

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