Union Gallery

Artist Interviews


Project Room / Nelly Matorina / Don't Forget to Call


Main Space / Amélie Brisson-Darveau / Contraint à courir après des ombres plus séduisantes que la réalité ; Essays on shadows


Main Space / Audrey Assad / Rosalind Breen / Bloom

Project Room / Emma Fowler / Rituals

Main Space / Brynn Higgins-Stirrup / David Woodward / The Last Swim

Project Room / Monika Rosen / Self-Refreaction

Main Space / Kelsey-Lynn Corradetti / Emma Kent / In the Wake of

Project Room / Melissa Smallridge / Stories in Ink

Main Space / Emily Carlaw / Rachel Lee / Queen Anne's Lace

Project Room / Heather Halliday / Inhabit


Project Room/ Ebonnie Hollenbeck / Into Your Hideout

Main Space / Jaclyne Grimoldby / Anika Vrana-Godwin / Anatomy Studies

Main Space / Heather Smith / Mackenzie Browning / Stories We Tell Ourselves


Main Space / Daniela Tanaka Lo / Emily Brunet-Turgeon / Sarah Ammons / People Watching

Project Room / David Woodward / Things We Lost in the Fire

Main Space / Emily Turner and Lianne Suggitt / Sins of Our Fathers

Project Room / Megan Alguire / Seed

Main Space / Kathryn Poy and Jane Poon / Qi

Project Room / Zach Clark / Maya

Main Space / Christine Dewancker and Laura Stewart (co-curators) /
In Power: Out of Control

Project Room / Kyle O'Brien / ... to forget his own experiences, but not the thoughts that were evoked by them.

Main Space / Laura Stewart, Katie Strang, and Bronwyn Loucks /
Body of Work

Project Room / Rachel Webb Jekanowski / Picnic, Lightning

Project Room / Katie Strang / Splinters, and the dirt under my nails


Main Space / Maria Paterakis and Rhiana Sneyd / The Light Show

Project Room / Julia Krolik / Microbiota

Main Space / Katherine Dobson, Brienne Lim, Jessica Thomson, and Sophie Williams / NODES

Project Room / Christine Dewancker / Drawing Impressions

Main Space / Mary MacDonald and Justin Steinburg / Human Condition

Project Room - NGB Studios / Lawrence Molloy /
Tree Burning Event
and Testbed for Trees

Main Space / Cecily Jane Taylor and Andrea Por / The Breath of it All

Project Room / Kathleen Ritter / Hidden Camera

Main Space / Min Shin and Karina Lusink / come and change, come and change into anything you will

Main Space / Kim Armstrong and Monique Baena-Tan / Between Spaces

Project Room / Sarawut Chutiwongpeti /
Investigation of wishes, lies and dreams


Main Space / Carlyn Bezic and Donald Chan / Cut & Paste
followed by Project Room / Tondela Myles / Mechanisms for Selection

Main Space / Pansee Atta / Convergence/Divergence

Project Room / Blake Macfarlane and Leah Woolner /

Main Space / Melody Telford and Vicky Wagner / Beyond the Fields
We Know

Project Room / Sean O'Reilly / Sonic Memories

Main Space / Julia Stephens and Kyle Topping / You Are Not Your Car

Project Room / Tamara Sponder / Some Things That Glow

Main Space / Genna Kusch and Morgan Wedderspoon / Profane Illuminations

Project Room / Lisa Figge / Leaf Collection

Main Space / Jan Fougere and Jenn Prevost / Parallel Spaces


Main Space / Laura Clayton, Jennifer Kenneally, Courtney Robins / Internal Rhetoric

Main Space / Chrissy Poitras and Klaudio Shita / c.o.n.t.a.m.i.n.a.t.i.o.n.s.

Main Space / Jessica Rice, Amber Thienpont, Ashley Way /
All That Remains

Main Space / Jacqueline Collomb and Jonathan Stamp / Shooting Blanks


Main Space / Orli Kessel, Amanda Damsa, Simone Collins, Tamara Sponder / If I'd Known You Were Coming

Project Room / Kay Wolstenholm / a selection of works by former Queen’s Fine Art student and Kingston artist

Main Space / Emma Charlton, Laura Cooney, Andrea Gertsmann,
Ivanna Ko / I OK. You OK?

Main Space / Gab Kokas, Aly Ogasian, Chris Saba, Amy Uyeda / Inaugural Doodlezoo