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Union Gallery Vitrine Project

Nov 17, 2018 - Jan 17, 2019 | Migration Library
Assembled by Hiba Ali
Located just outside the gallery - stop by any time of the day

Imagine the world's entire migration library as a vast archive that, like its subject, refuses to be confined within a single location. Reading the Migration Library is an art project that provides opportunities for people to make books; and to read and discuss the contents of this library in public settings. The project, which is hosted by Vancouver-based artist and Queen’s Cultural Studies PhD Program graduate, Lois Klassen is comprised of workshops, one-on-one interviews, exhibitions, readings and performances. All books made as part of this project are free for copying, recopying and easy circulation from readingthemigrationlibrary.com.

A selection from this project’s on-going archive is displayed here.

Creators and participants of the growing archive of books in the Reading the Migration Library project include: Deanne Achong, Oana Capota, Frederick Cummings, Margaret Dragu, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Alan Hill, Sandeep Johal, Kaitlin Kazmierowski, Sarah Klassen, Misti Ko, Christine Leviczky Reik, France Louann, Graham McGarva, Karen Ngan, Peggy Ngan, Jackline Omondi, Kattia Samayoa, Natasha Sanders-Kay, Lib Spry, Jasmine Valandi, Elisa Yon, Lilia Yon

Hiba Ali is a PhD candidate in Cultural Studies at Queens University. She is a new media artist, writer, curator and musician from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. Her interests are DJing, performance, digital art, labour and power.