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Its Mouth Only Grows

Miles Rufelds

June 3 - August 12, 2017 | Arist Talk & Reception: Saturday, June 3, 1-3pm

Miles Rufelds, still from Its Mouth Only Grows, single-channel HD video/audio, 2016

Its Mouth Only Grows is a four-channel video installation that contemplates the storyteller’s role as both enchanter and manipulator. Proceeding across three acts and a chorus, Its Mouth Only Grows recalls narrative patterns from ancient Greek theatre and archetypal “creation myths” – stories in which something’s genesis is explained via magical or transcendent events – as it follows a mysterious process that appears to turn vegetables into powders, and powders into industrial construction materials. Each act unfolds through a visual language borrowed from different corners of lowbrow video media history, from B-movie science fiction to iPhone advertisements. With a disposition towards storytelling at once suspicious and intoxicated, Its Mouth Only Grows interrogates fiction’s historically political role, and contemplates how, from ancient myth to hyper-capitalist video fiction, it has been used to prefigure objects, structures, or ideologies as natural and unchanging.

Miles Rufelds is a Montréal-based multi-disciplinary artist who holds a BFA from the University of Ottawa. Miles’ practice maintains a formal and conceptual emphasis on video, but branches as well into photography, sculpture, media, and audio. Rufeld’s work explores the deeply complex relationships that exist between human beings and the things that they consider fictional or unreal, such as cinema and advertising. His work has recently been exhibited at the Idea Exchange (Cambridge, CA), Gallery 1313 (Toronto, CA), and in Ottawa’s PDA Projects. Rufelds will be beginning a Master’s of Visual Studies in Studio Art at the University of Toronto this fall.