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Islands & The Woods

March 9th - May 19th, 2017 | Reception: Friday March 10, 5-6:30pm.

Jeremy Kerr’s Islands and The Woods uses computer technology to generate an audio installation consisting of two soundscapes that are based on memories of places from the artist’s past. Each soundscape incorporates a selection of personal field and studio recordings and sounds sourced from the Internet. Islands features a plethora of bird and frog calls gathered from locations as diverse as Barbados, Hawaii, Singapore and Japan. The Woods, on the other hand features many environmental sounds gathered from colder locations such as Ontario, the United Kingdom and Russia including coyotes, wolves and varying wind and snow sounds. The installation offers the visitor an ever-changing sonic rendering of these two environments.

Artist Biography:

Jeremy Kerr is a musician, composer and sound artist currently completing his undergraduate degree in music (BMus) at Queen’s University. He has performed with ensembles including the Queen’s Guitar Trio and played in the band for several theatre companies such as Queen’s Musical Theatre, Blue Canoe Theatre and Queen’s Players. He has been composing for several years and has had works played in the Queen’s Mosaic Concert Series for student composers.