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Simulated Instances
Brian Hoad

November 27, 2014 - January 23, 2015
Reception: Saturday,November 29, 6-8pm


Brian Hoad, Spring Disposition (detail), woodut, 2014

Brian Hoad works in printmaking and painting. While both mediums are hands-on, he especially enjoys the focus and physical processes required by printmaking: creating the matrix, inking it, and pressing an edition. Much of his imagery references active engagement with the outdoors. Hoad is interested in how humans experience surrounding landscapes in addition to the ways in which these active moments are replayed through media as a way of simulating past events. The replay aspect of printmaking, in particular, lends itself to this concept in ways that other mediums do not. There is without question a somewhat unnatural element when adding human presence to the landscape scenes. In many works, he has chosen to show individuals as being rather passive, overwhelmed by the scenes around them because the human form is only a visitor within an environment not subject to consciousness or mercy. It is this relationship he tries to display through his artwork.



Brian Hoad, The Full Simulation (entire edition), woodblock, 2014

Brian Hoad is currently in his final year in the Fine Art Program at Queen’s University, focusing on printmaking techniques. He has also interned at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, studying drawings by Throreau MacDonald. Hoad has participated in several group exhibitions and fundraisers in addition to one solo show at the Artel in Kingston during his time at Queen’s.