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It's Not Working

Gabriel Cheung and Katharine Vingoe-Cram

May 30-July 31, 2015
Reception: Saturday, May 30, 2-4pm


Gabriel Cheung and Katharine Vingoe-Cram, video still from It's Not Working, 2014

In the installation It’s Not Working, parallel themes of friendship, collaboration, and artistic processes are explored through the (imagined) severance of the artists’ partnership. The workspace—also a living space—is recreated with traces of its former occupants. Unfinished projects, abandoned objects, repositories of personal and collective memories are stacked, tossed aside, and/or buried. Viewers are invited to navigate this site of repeated failures.

Gabriel Cheung and Katharine Vingoe-Cram are friends as well as artistic collaborators who have been working together for over a year. Their roaming multimedia practice draws explicitly from their collective experiences, consolidated on walks around the city and late-night conversations. Myopically, they explore the threads and jacks in the spaces between them (as samples of the spaces between all forms of kinships) through an absurdist practice that attempts to bring together their incompatible artistic proclivities.


Gabriel Cheung and Katharine Vingoe-Cram, drawing from It's Not Working, 2014


Katharine Vingoe-Cram’s painting practice is concerned with issues of personal anxiety and the surreal. She is informed by her work as a scholar, having recently completed her master’s degree in Art History at Queen’s where she looked at folk art and museum representation, and as a curator, in her recent work with the Turbines Curatorial Collective. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions including Portals, at Seeds Gallery, Halifax, and Untitled at Eye Level Gallery, Halifax. She recently participated in Your Own Grad School residency at Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre, Kingston.

Gabriel Cheung is an artist and Art History doctoral student at Queen’s University. His scholarly and artistic interests flit from the affective qualities of architecture and space, to memory and diaspora of immigrant populations. He is co-founder of the Turbines Curatorial Collective, Kingston and has presented work in the Chipped Off Performance Collective event in 2014.