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Myth Marks

Pansee Atta

September 15-November 7, 2015
Reception: Friday, October 2, 5:30-7:30 pm.


Erasure, animation, 2015

Myth Marks is a series of short animations inspired by the visual traditions of the Ottoman and Mughal miniature. They explore themes of migration, culture, and belonging in the Canadian landscape, addressing the settler­ colonial legacies of this land with which Muslim migrants engage in politically complex mediation. By using text as well as still and moving images, these works reveal the ways that art and politics work together to create fearful myths, under the seductive disguises of ornate decoration.

Pansee Atta’s practice involves artistic, activist, and academic work, and is often collaborative and community-based. She has been involved as a volunteer at the Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre, Union Gallery, and G101 in Ottawa, as well as various progressive organizations such as Pink Triangle Services, Indigenous People’s Solidarity Ottawa, and Food Not Bombs. She is also a member of Turbines Curatorial Collective. She is currently completing an MA in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University, examining the decolonization of museums.



Burial^Excavation, animation, 2014