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Shelf Life
Jude Griebel

September 18 - November 14, 2014
Reception: Friday, November 14, 5-7pm

Jude Griebel , Shelf Life , papier mache, epoxy resin, foam, wood, oil paint, 2014

Jude Griebel's work is driven by themes of psychology and transformation. Depicting bodies in various states of composition, it examines how our imagination negotiates abstract notions such as growth, change and mortality through metaphorical and experimental avenues. Sculptural bodies, created from papier-mache and epoxy resin become sites of fusion, in which physical anatomy is merged wiht allegorical counterparts. Their representational nature is reminiscent of museum dioramas, taxidermy and didactic science models, causing them to waiver between fact and a sense of unease and mystery.

Jude Griebel , Fallen Sparrow, papier-mache, epoxy, human hair, oil paint, 2014

Griebel has exhibited work in solo and group exhibitions internationally, most recently in Los Angeles and Iceland. He has worked as an artist in residence in Canada, the U.S.A., Japan, Belgium, and Iceland. His paintings and drawings have recently been added to the permanent collections of the Sakima Art Museum (Japan), the Burnaby Art Gallery, The Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery and the Colart Contemporary Canadian Art Collection.

Jude Griebel , Stepping Out , wood. papier-mache, epoxy, human hair, oil paint, 2014