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Mia Sandhu |
Curated by Julie Hollenbach

May 10 - June 20, 2014
Reception: Saturday, May 10, 5:30-7pm

Mia Sandhu , untitled 13 (pelvic beauty), pencil, watercolour, gouache

In Planted Mia Sandhu presents portraits of herself and her family that explore the shifting cultural and social landscape of a multicultural Canada. Sandhu's practice explores the transience andhybridity of ethnic subjectivity, focusing on the tension she feels as the second-generation daughter of mixed Sikh and Canadian heritage. Depictions of bright blossoms and lush flora point to geographies of both home and away; indeed, through her careful studeies from life, and the incorporation and framing of her familial history within these symbols of nature, place and space, Sandhu situates herself within both a genealogical cross-cultural lineage and a contemporary multicultural landscape.

Originating from London Ontario, currently residing in Toronto, Mia Sandhu's practice stems from her fascination with religion, culture, and life experience with a measured dose of humour and surrealism. Sandhu attended the Bealart Program before continuing her studies at NASCAD, Halifax, and has exhibitied in Toronto, Kingston and Halifax.

Mia Sandhu , Lumberjeet 2 (in process), pencil, watercolour, gouache