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Stories in Ink
Melissa Smallridge
January 19 - February 8, 2013
Reception: January 26, 6-8pm
Artist Talk: January 24, 2:30pm

Melissa Smallridge, Protector, acrylic on dyed canvas, 2012

Melissa Smallridge’s work depicts personal stories through tattoo imagery in the medium of painting. Each work reveals different aspects of identity and self-expression. This body of work developed through an interest in a tattoo design that came with her first tattoo at seventeen. These works explore traditional and contemporary elements of tattooing in a different medium.

Melissa Smallridge is a fourth year student in the Fine Art Programme at Queen’s University. Her work currently focuses on oil and acrylic painting on the surface of experimental backgrounds. She also has an interest in screenprint. Her work explores personal stories through a visual context. Smallridge hopes to pursue her Masters degree when she graduates.