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Emma Fowler
March 26- April 19, 2013
Reception: April 6, 6-8pm
Artist Talk: April 3, 2:30pm

Emma Fowler ,Home and Lakehouse, collage, 2013

RITUALS is an exploration of the ways one finds structure, logic and meaning within a chaotic and confusing world. When we feel out of control, we do things that make us feel in control. Using collage as her medium, Fowler selects, cuts, burns and rearranges personal photographs to actively construct new compositions that are meant to reflect a manipulated plane of reality – one that she owns.

Emma Fowler is a fourth year student in the Fina Art Programme at Queen’s University. During her time at Queen’s, Emma’s work has become increasingly abstract, valuing the aesthetic process and experience as content within her paintings, prints and collage. She looks forward to returning to Toronto after graduation to explore her career options.