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Heather Halliday
December 4- January 12, 2013
Reception: January 12, 6-8 pm
Artist Talk: January 9, 2:30 pm

Heather Halliday , Lake Louise, acrylic and mixed media, 2012


The work in Inhabit reflects on the artist's own experience of unfamiliar places and how we engage with and interpret certain types of geographical locations, in this case, natural landscapes.  Focusing on certain elements within a landscape, she uses colour and expressive brush strokes to comment on the “personal mapping” that can occur when we allow ourselves to interact with our surroundings.


Heather Halliday is a fourth year student in the Bachelor of Fine Art programme at Queen’s University.  Her current work focuses on acrylic and mixed media painting while seeking to explore the topics of nature, geographical location, and how people interact with and view their environments on various levels.  Heather hopes to pursue postgraduate studies in art education after completing her degree. 

inhabitInstallation of Inhaibt, 2012