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Claire van Eeghen
November 28, 2013 - January 24, 2014
Reception: Saturday, November 30, 6-8 pm

Claire van Eeghen, Lapse, stone lithograph, 2013

Grounded is new work by printmaker Claire van Eeghen. Her work focuses on stone lithography and explores imagery in a way that allows each viewer to have a unique experience with each piece. Her imagery is chosen for its ability to host different interpretations and whereby the process of creation is visible in the final work.

Claire van Eeghen is now in her 4th and final year of Fine Art at Queen’s University. Her curiosity drives her to make art that displays an honest interest in the medium used. She loves to learn new techniques to use in future projects and will continue to work in the print studio.

Claire van Eeghen , Shoots I , stone lithograph, 2013