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In the River
Alejandro Arauz
May 5 - June 22, 2012

Alejandro Arauz
Alejandro Arauz, If we were to cross, woodcut, 2011

In the River presents recent work by Brantford artist Alejandro Arauz. The works in the exhibition examine the developing bicultural identity stemming from the ‘fresh’ Central American Diaspora; that is, as the artist states, “an ethnic minority produced by migration patterns, which maintain sentimental or material links with its land of origin.”

The video work, River Duality, documents two performances that draw on the artist’s relationship to two rivers: the Rio Grande, which divides the states of Texas and New Mexico and extends to Mexico, and the Grand River, which is located in the southeastern Ontario. In the woodcut print, If we were to cross, the connection to river is implied in the artist’s use of a family photograph to imagine a ‘crossing’ of the Rio Grande. The Grand River like the Rio Grande, are places where Latino and Anglo cultures have fused to produce bi-cultural identities. The Chicano and borderland identities are more established near the Rio Grande; however, the ripples from these movements are influencing and informing the developing bi-cultural identities around the Grand River.

Alejandro Arauz, River Duality, videos, 2009-10

Alejandro Arauz, born in Managua, Nicaragua during the Sandinista revolution, is now a Brantford-based artist who is also currently teaching at Queen’s University. He received an MFA from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, USA, and a BFA from the University of Windsor, Ontario. Since 2008 he has exhibited in several group shows in Canada and the United States.