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Test-bed for Trees
Lawrence Molloy
March 23 - April 25 , 2010
Reception: April 24, 2-4p | Artist Talk: March 25, 3p

Tree Set Alight
Blossom, match sticks and glue, 2009

Test-bed for Trees invites the audience to simultaneously view the production and destruction of meticulously crafted bonsai trees made of match heads. Performance artist and sculptor Lawrence Molloy presents documentary objects, in a range of artistic media, in an attempt to make the audience ask the following questions: What in the exhibition is art, and what is document? An endurance performance will take place within the project room between the 23rd March and 10th April, where Molloy, stopping only for toilet breaks and to answer visitors’ questions, will work tirelessly to make one of these match trees in record time. On the 10th April there will be an event at NGB Studios (12 Cataraqui St. at 7pm sharp), where the tree will be set alight.