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Drawing Impressions
Christine Dewancker
November 2-23, 2010
Artist talk: November 11, 3pm / Reception: November 20, 6-8pm

Drawing Impressions, 3 images
34, 35, and 42, collage and mixed media, 2010

In this installation I am exploring the idea of constructing meaning from images - the personal associations brought to such constructions as well as the relationship of those associations with semiotics. The collages represent both collective ideas and specified identities since the images themselves are transformed from the impersonal to the personal through a reconfiguration of context. Using images that at once had a defined meaning and were produced on mass scale, the meaning of these images are recontextualized and then placed in a domestic setting for the interpretation by the viewer. It is not clear who inhabits the space and through the presentation of these works I am encouraging the viewer to draw their own conclusions with regard to this question. Finding meaning in the associations between the collages and the signifiers within them them will ultimately influence the viewer’s subjective meaning of the installation in its entirety and influence how one relates to the space. I am interested in exploring the relationships between artist and audience, space and setting. In my work I hope to engage the viewer in ways that transform audience into participant.

Christine Dewancker is in her fourth year of the BFAH program and is currently focusing on sculpture and installation work. Artists that inspire her work include Luis Jacob and Germain Koh for their interactive public pieces. She is currently part of the Artel Collective and hope to remain a part of that growing organization in Kingston.