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Off-site ProjectS

Food Fight II investigations of food production, consumption and distribution.
Lisa Figge and Patricia Mader
May 5 - 20, 2009

Food Fight II Installation View
Food Fight II (installation view), mixed media installation, 2009

The question of food and how it is managed and produced has received a good deal of  attention in recent years. With the proliferation of genetically engineered foods and globalization of financial markets, the economic and environmental impact has resulted in massive food crises and loss of biodiversity.  The 2009 off-site project asked student artists to explore aspects of food production, distribution, and consumption.

Toronto artist Luis Jacob worked with student artists Lisa Figge and Patricia Mader to develop their projects. 

Lisa Figge Ecological Citizenship
This participatory project asked participants to carry out a set of activities as they considered what their personal ecological citizenship profile might look like. Focusing on coffee consumption, Figge’s piece addresses the concerns, both local and global, that surround the complexities of the coffee ritual and its implications in terms of the environment.

Lisa Figge lives and works in Kingston.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree from Queens University in 2008 and is currently a Masters candidate in Environmental Studies at Queen’s.

Lisa Figge

Lisa Figge, Ecological Citizenship (detail), mixed media installation, 2009


Patricia Mader Growing Hungry
Patricia  Mader’s piece examines the relationship between production and consumption of food. This project is meant to explore the complexities of the today’s food creation and distribution system. Food is essential, and yet the individual is increasingly disconnected from the process of creating the food they consume. The system, on a global level is unbalanced. Is it possible to redistribute power within the system? Is it possible for the individual to reclaim some of that power? Can we feed everyone?

Patricia Mader has attended Queen’s University and NSCAD, taking courses in Art History and Fine Arts, including Fashion and Photography.  She plans to continue her BFA degree at NSCAD this fall.

Patricia Mader

Patricia Mader, Growing Hungry (detail), mixed media installation, 2009

Mentor Luis Jacob is an artist, educator, curator, and writer living in Toronto, Canada. His art practice includes video, performance, photography and actions in the public domain. Central to Jacob’s work is his concern for the philosophical and cultural possibilities of social interaction.