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February 3, 2012Hung Mai
Photo: Hung Mai

Interdisciplinary artist Barbara Meneley offered the community a chance to help create a site-specific work of art in Springer Market Square on Friday February 3 starting at 7:00 pm.

Meneley worked with student artists Angelina Han, Ebonnie Hollenbeck, Emily Zielke, and Momoka Tamura through the Union Gallery’s mini-mentorship program. This project-based mentorship was an excellent opportunity to learn how to develop and implement a community-based public art project by working with a professional contemporary artist. Together they offered free lantern making workshops.

Meneley, who has studied art in Vancouver and Regina, recently moved to Kingston to pursue doctoral work in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University. She has created numerous installations and site-specific works that have been endlessly inventive and that have sometimes incorporated snow and ice as her chosen media.

For artignite, Meneley will be combining fire and ice to create a series of ice lanterns she is calling ‘Illuminance’. In the City Hall Amphitheatre that adjoins Springer Market Square Meneley will combine the ice lantern she has made with ice lanterns created by the public to form a collaborative installation that will be used to light up the night and celebrate the
beauty of the winter season.

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Please note: Due to unusually warm weather we didn't have as many ice candles as originally planned.

Download directions on how to build an ice lantern. (Provided by Barbara Meneley.)