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off-site projects

March 26th-April 18th, 2008

The artists present documents, images, objects and texts from the off-site project Monitor, a series of projects in alternative spaces that was on display from March 26th-April 18th, 2008.

In this project, MONITOR, the artists explore the complex and often controversial concept of surveillance. As part of the gallery’s project-based mentorship program, MONITOR included three student artists; Jacqueline Collomb, Lisa Figge and Klaudio Shita developed their projects with the assistance of artist mentors, Germaine Koh, Vancouver; Julia Fiala, Toronto; and Linda Duvall, Toronto/Saskatoon.

Jacqueline Collomb, Detection Services, 2008

Jacqueline Collomb
173 Princess Street
Detection Services

Detection Services looks at surveillance as an integral (and sometimes masked) component of public security.  Text and sound are used to challenge the notion of security as a protective measure by examining the systematic inducement of paranoia, a strategy meant to persuade the public that the erosion of civil liberties and human rights is not only for their own benefits, but also for the benefit of others.

Jacqueline Collomb is in her fourth year of the Fine Art program at Queen’s University.  Concentrating on printmaking, time-based media and installation, she hopes to translate questions of importance regarding armed conflict and military life into visual artworks.  Upon graduation in June, she hopes to spend time working and developing her art practice.

Jacqueline Collomb, Detection Services (detail), 2008

Klaudio Shita, Know Me, Feel Safe, 2008

Klaudio Shita
Bagot Street Laundromat, 152 Bagot Street
Know Me, Feel Safe

In this project, Shita challenges the idea of the camera lens functioning as an objective eye, suggesting that this preconception allows one to dismiss the dangers of surveillance. In his exploration, he turns the surveillance camera into a creature, to personify it as a symbol of mismanaged biological needs for safety and well-being -- a mutation that creates paranoia. These hybrid forms of surveillance create an environment in which the viewer is made to feel slightly uneasy, thereby  raising questions about safety and security. 

Klaudio Shita was born in Albania in 1983. He currently studies Fine Art at Queen’s University, and participates in Works Cited events in collaboration with other artists. After graduation he plans to continue a fine art career on a collaborative, grass roots level, and enroll in an apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist.

Klaudio Shita, Know Me, Feel Safe (detail), 2008

Lisa Figge
Various neighbourhood parks in Kingston
Person of Interest

Person of Interest is an interactive intervention that takes place in six locations around Kingston for the month of March 2008.  Figge explores the concept of the surveillance video, questioning the role of the observer and the observed and what is done with the video footage.  Is the promise of safety and protection, which surveillance implies, a mirage or does it provide a real service?

Fourth year Queen’s University fine art student Lisa Figge is interested in all forms of new genre public art, a term coined by artist Suzanne Lacy.  She has been experimenting with different kinds of artistic intervention in her local community including performance and video.  Person of Interest builds on this work.

Lisa Figge, Person of Interest site location, 2008

Jacqueline Collomb, Lisa Figge, and Klaudio Shita
Project Room / May 6 - 24, 2008