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Temporal Encounters

Curated by Hiba Ali
Olivia Ablaza-Bokuluta, Lexie Braden, Ashlyn Fieldhouse, Jessica Lanziner, and Devin West

January 25 - March 16, 2019 | Reception: Friday, January 25, 2019, 5-7pm

Olivia Ablaza-Bokuluta, Well-Kinda, oil paint and gold foil, 2018

When you go on a walk, what do you encounter? On or off campus, walking in the city gives you a bodily sense of your environment. As we walk, we may also consider how we look to others - including our gait, gender identity, race, and class. What do we experience of the environment that we cannot be put into words? The artists in the exhibition, Temporal Encounters, visualize these sociological, intimate and shared experiences in a range of media.

Jessica Lanziner, Family Revisited, digital, silkscreen, and waterless lithography, 2018