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worked up/wound up

Lindsey Wilson

September 15 - November 8, 2018 | Reception: Friday, September 14, 5-7pm

Lindsey Wilson, Intimate Entanglements, mixed media installation, 2017

Lindsey Wilson’s exhibit worked up/wound up is a large-scale immersive textile installation. Following the themes of embodied production and hand-work that are so prevalent in her practice, Wilson will create an immersive installation in which fibres will be spun into yarn and wound into balls over the course of the exhibit. Over the past two years the artist has accumulated masses of raw and unprocessed fibres. This accumulated mass will be suspended from cotton threads stretched across the gallery space from wall to wall, creating a soft, low ceiling overhead. Over the course of the exhibit Wilson will deconstruct the mass, gently drawing out fibre to spin yarn. The work engages with notions of labour, expanding on the time-based aspects of her process to make plain the labour involved in tending to the space.

Lindsey Wilson, Intimate Entanglements (detail), mixed media installation, 2017

Lindsey Wilson is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily with textile-based materials. She received a BFA with a minor in Gender Studies from Queen’s University (Kingston, On) in 2015 and an MFA from the University of Ottawa in 2017. Her work has been exhibited at artist-run centres and university galleries in Kingston, Toronto, and Ottawa.