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Striking the line

Daisy Barrette, Biba Esaad, Carrie Emblem, Julia Fast-Grass, Austin Henderson, Daisy Jin, Chanpreet Khangura, Angel Lin, Madison Tyrell, and Emma White.

January 21 - March 4th, 2017 | Reception: Friday January 27, 5-7pm.

Emma White, Cloister 2, oil on canvas, 2016

The Union Gallery is delighted to present a juried exhibition of student work from Queen’s University. Interested in the affective quality our surroundings, the artists in Striking the line explore how the spaces and places that we inhabit both produce and retain meaning. From the architectures of the city, to uninhabited landscapes, this exhibition engages with our sensitivity to the material and form of our surroundings, asking how values, culture, and experiences impact how we relate to our surroundings.

Artist Biographies:

Angel Lin is currently a fine art student at Queen’s University. Her primary interest lies in architecture, colour, and culture. Experimenting with the interaction of these elements through the use of oil paint, she continually explores and embraces the unexpected occurrences that can materialize in this medium. She enjoys discovering ways to work beyond the medium and observe how there is a sense of control but also lack of control over what happens and this often produces exciting results.

Austin Henderson is a student artist based in Kingston, Ontario. Although Austin's focus has been predominantly traditional in drawing in painting, his recent exposure to lithography and serigraphy have broadened his creative possibilities. Austin's work has been exhibited in group shows at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa, Ontario (2014, 2012), and in the Union Gallery in Kingston, Ontario (2017, 2016). He is currently in his third year of study towards a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) with a minor in Art History at Queen's University. In February 2017, he will be taking his practice abroad to Sydney, Australia, where he will attend the University of New South Wales to further his studies in painting.

Carrie Emblem is a third year Fine Arts student who specializes in printmaking and painting. It was under the instruction of Master Printer, Otis Tamasauskas, where Carrie developed her passion for experimenting with lithography and screen print. She is from Markham, Ontario and enjoys going to the Fred Varley Art Gallery from time to time. She is one of five children and is the second one to attend Queens University. Carrie looks to nature, personal photography and other artists for inspiration.

Chanpreet Khangura is a fourth year Applied-Economics major and a Film and Media minor. Since high school he has been involved in visual arts, drama, graphic design, photography and recently film and media. In January 2017 his most recent project was screened at the Focus Film Festival where it received the award for Best Production Design. Despite his long involvement in the arts, the therapeutic effect of creating work remains his primary motive for creative pursuits.

Daisy Barrette is an interdisciplinary artist from Kingston, Ontario. She is studying Computer Science and Film and Media as an undergraduate at Queen’s University. Daisy’s work focuses on the intersection between art and technology, memory, and time, among other themes. She uses a variety of video, still photography, and new media techniques.

Daisy Jin is an artist from Calgary, Alberta while born in China. Jin is a painter and printmaker specializing in oil, lithography and screen print. Daisy Jin is currently a BFA (Honours) student at Queen’s University with a Certificate in Business in Smith’s School of Business.

Emma White is a 4th year Fine Art student at Queen’s University, working primarily in painting. Through her art practice, she is currently exploring the theme of human presence in the wilderness. She has recently shown work in the Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts, Westland Gallery, and Kingston School of Art. Emma lives in Kingston, Ontario.

Biba Esaad is a Toronto-Kingston based artist primarily focused on painting, printmaking and new media. She currently attends Queen’s University for a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) as well as working towards a Certificate of Photography at the Ontario Collage of Art and Design University. In the past, she has apprenticed under professional artist Sarah Shaw — though now, focuses her passions towards student- based initiatives that include — her role as the vice president of the Union Gallery, the primary Art Director of Queen’s Fashion Photography and a designer in the 2017 Vogue Charity Fashion show. Blending together her various inter-disciplinary interests, she uses art as an expression of her personal views of the world, taking much influence from the avant-garde and contemporary art movements, respectively.

Julia Fast-Grass is a first year Fine Arts student at Queen’s University. Influenced by her time spent studying architecture, her work frequently combines her love of painting with how we relate to our built environment. Her work is a personal exploration playing on memories or environments that evoke a moment of pause or contemplation before cycling back into the rhythm of growth/change. Julia also volunteers at the Union Gallery as a Gallery Attendant.

Madison Tyrell is from Vancouver, BC, and she currently lives and studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. She is in her third year of the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program with a focus in printmaking and painting. Madison predominantly works with oil paint and for print she uses CYMK screen-printing as well as stone lithography. This past year she has partcipated in a group print show at the Kingston School of Art, and Cezanne’s Closet with the Union Gallery.