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Shaken and Stirred

Julie Driver, Iris Fryer, Emily Gong, Brian Hoad, Cindy Kwong, Lauren McEwen

March 26 - May 22, 2015
Reception: Saturday, March 28, 6-8pm

Shaken and Stirred is a selection of recent work by Queen’s student artists. It is an eclectic mix of lithography, painting, mixed media, and photography by BFA students Iris Fryer, Emily Gong, Brian Hoad, Cindy Kwong, Lauren McEwen and Art Conservation student Julie Driver. Explorations of identity and mental health in the works of Cindy Kwong and Emily Gong merge with considerations of space, place and landscape in the work of Julie Driver, Iris Fryer, Brian Hoad and Lauren McEwen. This show offers a glimpse into the range or work being produced by students at Queen’s.


Julie Driver, Untitled, digital photograph, 2014

Julie Driver's three images are the result of a walk past one of Kingston’s landmarks. The LaSalle Causeway was built almost 100 years ago and consists of seven engineered pieces. Julie is an engineer by trade and is a life-long photographer.

Iris Fryer, Roots II, acrylic on canvas, 2014

Iris Fryer works consciously to evoke nostalgia and longing in the comfort and discomfort of momentary settings. She is curious about the observations of the introverted traveller and their perceptions of intimate and unfamiliar spaces, as well as capturing the inherent moods of different places.


                          Emily Gong, Manchu Lineage, oil on wood, 2014

Emily Gong creates large scale paintings that engage the viewer, removing them from time and space. At the age of six, Emily emigrated with her family from Beijing to Toronto; her artistic practice is influenced by her bicultural upbringing. The fragmented elements in her works represent a shifting collective cultural memory, shedding light on ever-changing ethnic identities of the present.

                                    Brian Hoad, Swimmer, oil on wood, 2014

Brian Hoad is a printmaker and painter. His imagery explores the relationship between humans and the natural world. During his time as a counsellor at a residential summer camp, Brian witnessed the human experience within natural settings and has recorded his impresions in his large-scale woodcuts and oil paintings.

                                     Cindy Kwong, Reach, oil on wood, 2014

Cindy Kwong's work explores themes of identity, mental illness and "otherness." She intentionally uses rough, loose brush strokes to create a feeling of anxiety. Kwong hopes to one day work in art therapy.

        Lauren McEwen, Accumulation, encaustic and oil on wood, 2014

Lauren McEwen's works predominantly in encaustic, which is pigmented bee's wax. The medium requires care to use and that process is evident in her work. Lauren's images are contemplative abstract studies of nature which counterbalance the rigour of our everyday lives.