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Stuck Inside
Katherine Boxall, Morgan Campbell, Francesca Pang

November 27, 2014 - January 23 2015
Reception: Saturday, November 29, 2014


Katherine Boxall, Bite Your Tongue, oil on canvas, 2014

The exhibition Stuck Inside seeks to expose the process of self-regulation, transitioning from internal thought processes to the external physical expression of how we present ourselves. The monumental size of the works creates a larger than life experience where, when faced with the imagery, the viewer is challenged to insert themselves into the work and contemplate the narrative. The works explore what one choses to present or show to others versus what one choses to repress or hide. While Campbell and Boxall’s work considers the possibility that restriction of one’s self-expression is a variable to how we believe others will perceive us, Pang explores a more explicit concern with the internal vs. external environment.

Morgan Campbell, Screwed, oil on canvas, 2014

Katherine Boxall’s self-portraiture exposes her internalized feelings towards her body and, more broadly, society’s assumptions of the female form. Expressions of body image are recurring themes throughout the majority of her artistic works. While the work aims to express the paralyzing effect that feelings of insecurity have over her body, the work is abrasive - it imposes a rejection of female objectification altogether. In this work, Boxall demonstrates portrayals of herself that she identifies with - imagery that cannot otherwise be seen from a viewer’s perspective.

Morgan Campbell’s work is an expression of her internalized struggle with perceptions of idealized female sexuality and satisfying one’s own desires. Campbell’s self-portraiture portrays the subject’s emotional turmoil as she searches for tangible evidence for the suffering she feels. Campbell’s imagery depicts a disillusioned perception of the repercussions of female sexuality. The subject’s conflict lies in self-judgment, where she fears achieving appropriate sexual desirability contradicts satisfying one’s sexual desires. Campbell exposes how these tainted views of self- image can cause a state of fragility within the female psyche, verging on implosion.


             Francesca Pang, Pride and Prosperity, oil on canvas,  2013

Francesca uses the architectural framework of walls and windows in her work as a physical means of representing the inner conscious decisions made to conceal (behind walls) or display (through windows) certain aspects of the self. The recurring rooster motif stems from Francesca’s connection to this zodiac year, and acts as a self-portrait, establishing her vantage point within the space.