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Memorable Paths of the Fly
Z'otz* Collective

October 3- November 15
Reception: November 15, 5-7pm

Z'otz* Collective, The Habit of Naming, mixed media, 2013

Memorable Paths of the Fly is a full scale gallery drawing and sculpture installation by Z’otz* Collective, a Toronto-based trio of artists who share a Latin American heritage. Recurring themes in their work include the immigrant experience: displacement, transition and transformation. While not explicitly dealing with origins, their work offers a fusion of references that are a hybrid of North and South, real and imagined creating fantastical worlds through the language of hybrid beasts, quirky characters and imaginary spaces. Intertwined with their own cultural roots, and referencing the French word nicher, (places to nest), they will explore the niche as a geometric model or pattern that will allow them to break the surface of the mural, incorporating 3-dimensional ‘windows’ into their signature ‘other worlds.


Left: Model Maker, mixed media on paper, 2011 Right: Intimidated Vanity, mixed media on paper, 2011

Nahúm Flores, Erik Jerezano, and Ilyana Martínez are Z’otz* Collective, formed in Toronto in 2004. The group meets weekly to collaborate on multi-media works, which include drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, and site–specific drawing installations.