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In the Wake Of
Emma Kent & Kelsey-Lynn Corradetti
January 19 - February 8, 2013
Reception: January 26, 6-8 pm
Artist Talk: January 24, 2:30 pm

In the Wake Of is a exhibition of paintings, prints and photographs by Emma Kent and Kelsey Lynn Corradetti in which the artists seek to revisit forgotten moments in time via various artistic mediums. These explorations communicate the disconnect and disillusion associated with nostalgia and memory. Working with the figure and its relationship to space, the artists illustrate the effect that people and places of the past have on the present. The exhibit features both individual works by each artist and a collaborative piece.


Corradetti Kelsey-Lynn Corradetti, Kathleen photo with monoprint, 2013

In her current practice, Kelsey Lynn Coraddetti focuses on the psychological disconnect between image and memory. She explores one’s ability to rebuild memories found in photographic documentation and how these documents can evoke emotional memory and significance.

Kelsey-Lynn Corradetti is a fourth year student in the Fine Art Programme at Queen’s University. She works primarily in photography and print - more recently focusing on monoprinting. Kelsey studied classical ballet professionally for most of her life and has transferred her love of dance into more traditional art forms. Kelsey hopes to study Art Business in London, England while continue her practice in photography and print.

Emma Kent , Mother, oil on canvas 2012

Emma Kent is fascinated by the tradition of storytelling and how these stories shape our morals, personalities and perspectives. Drawing inspiration from books, film, human interactions and traditions that inform personal and family histories, she uses family photographs as well as her own photography as subject matter. The impact of memory and déjà vu are constant themes throughout her work.

Emma Kent is a fourth year student in the Fine Art Programme at Queen’s University She works with oil paint on canvas and draws inspiration from her Northern Ontario upbringing, dealing with themes of human interaction and isolation in environments as well as traditions of storytelling, particularly in respect to how family and personal histories inform the present.