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From the Tablet of My Memory
Phoebe Cohoe, Kaisa Moran
February 21 - March 20, 2012
Reception: Saturday, March 10, 6-8pm
Visual Bites: Thursday, March 1, 2:30pm
(Artist Talks followed by a discussion with Master of Art Conservation students on conservation techniques and issues)

Phoebe Cohoe and Kaisa Moran
Phoebe Cohoe, friendly places, woodcut, 2011 / Kaisa Moran, Flying Over Fields of Red, mixed print media, 2011

From the Tablet of My Memory
considers the intricacies of both personal and collective memory. These works are reconstructions and interpretations of past narratives. Emphasis is given to the lasting impacts events and images have on individuals and societies. Particularly, Phoebe deals with the process of growing up in tandem with imagination, while Kaisa investigates the construction of identity. This show invites viewers to consider their own memories in the context of these specific narratives, which are expressed through print and mixed media.

Phoebe Cohoe | Artist’s Statement
My work revolves around ideas about creativity, imagination, play, and how these characteristics manifest for children in comparison to adults. I am particularly interested in how children play make-believe, invent their own stories, and generally live in unencumbered creativity. I feel that these are qualities that usually get lost as we grow up, and I am interested in why that happens, and how I can maintain some of that carefree playfulness. Much of my work is based on memories I have from my childhood, though most of them are creatively interpreted and exaggerated. Though based on fact, to some degree I have transported them into a more imaginative space in an attempt to make them more universally relatable. My work employs colour and installation in combination with images of children playing, exploring, dancing, and just generally being alive. I am working to develop a sense of movement in a way that gives the audience the urge to join in; to dance and skip and run. In these pieces I am working with print, drawing and the placement of images to create a physical space that encourages imagination, and gently calls back to a simpler time in each person’s life. I am also attempting to embed a narrative into each piece, so that the idea of nostalgia comes out through the telling of a story.

Phoebe Cohoe is in her fourth year of the Queen’s University Bachelor of Fine Art program. She works mainly in print and drawing, while incorporating sculptural elements. Phoebe will be remaining in Kingston after graduation and hopes to combine her artistic practice with her interest in education.

Kaisa Moran | Artist’s Statement
Using various printmaking media, I examine the ways in which society and the military affect interpersonal relations, especially among family members. I consider how these aspects, in turn, shape individuals’ identities. To express these ideas, I mediate digital and woodcut prints with various materials and methods. The additional imagery increases the narrative of each piece.

Many photographs from my family’s collection went into making my current body of prints. Despite the strong connection my family has to the photographs, the artwork is relatable to most viewers because the military uniform is a universal image; armies have globally existed for centuries. The uniform plays an important role in the collective memory of all individuals in society and aids the viewer in relating to the prints in his/her own way. As a result, the viewer will form his/her own ideas about the narrative depicted in each print.

Kaisa Moran is also in her fourth year of the Queen’s University Bachelor of Fine Art program. Using various printmaking media, she is examining the ways in which society and the military affect interpersonal relations, especially among family members.