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Kathryn Poy and Jane Poon
April 9 - 27, 2011
Reception: April 9, 6-8 pm / Visual Bites: April 13, 2:30 pm

Artwork by Jane Poon and Kathryn Poy
Kathryn Poy, Constellations Reinvented, silkscreen print & thread, 2011
Jane Poon, Pai-Fong, oil on panel 2011

In this exhibition, the artists attempt to capture the elusive quality of energy, in terms of how different cultures interpret it: the Chinese qi, or the Greek pneuma. Qi is the life energy from which all other things emerge. The primary source of energy in creating life, in its inanimate form, it refuses to remain in stasis but resonates through the air. It is the je ne sais quoi, the aura, the charisma, the feeling of awe. The artist’s paintings and prints in this exhibit are a visual interpretation of the concept of qi.

Jane Poon’s work is an ongoing process of self-discovery as a Chinese Canadian. Using images from personal encounters with her Asian heritage, she attempts to depict qi, an ubiquitous flow of energy that passes through each object and creature, giving life and uniting the parts of the surroundings to form concomitant relationships.

Kathryn Poy’s work depicts the animating and unleashing of qi through the Stoic idea of pneuma, predominantly through the forms of the horse and Classical Italian sculpture. The Stoics believed that this pneuma permeates everything; it is the vital spirit, soul and creative force of a person. In exploring these ideas, Poy juxtaposes animated objects within a static composition. Her use of delicate Japanese patterns act as a foil to the robust marks and energy of the moving subject, blurring the line between foreground and background.

Both artists are in their fourth year at Queen’s University’s Fine Arts program.