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People Watching
Sarah Ammons, Daniela Tanaka Lo, Emily Turgeon-Brunet
December 13, 2011- January 13, 2012
Reception: Tuesday, December 13, 6-8pm
Visual Bites: Thursday, January 12, 2:30pm
(Artist Talks followed by a discussion with Master of Art Conservation students on conservation techniques and issues)

Sarah Ammons
Sarah Ammons, Waiting, oil on mylar, 2011

People Watching is an exhibition by three 4th year fine art students who investigate social interactions, communicating ideas about how we represent ourselves in relation to others in specific social situations.

Sarah Ammons | Artist’s Statement
My work explores the different dimensions and dualities of the self and how ones actions are often contrary to the “kind” of person we are. In these moments we are many versions of ourselves: we are the one who judges, the one who is scared, the one who goes for it anyway, the one who acts selfishly or the one who gets mad and tells all the other selves to shut up. And in the end we are still one, with the ability to manifest ourselves however we choose. We as individuals have many faces, which are always leading us, pulling at us - in a state of becoming. My work deals with the struggle human beings face as we try to figure out who we are, in the long term and at any given moment in time.

Emily Turgeon-BrunetEmily Turgeon-Brunet, Before the Storm, oil and cold wax medium, 2011

Emily Turgeon-Brunet | Artist’s Statement
My work is an examination of the contrived atmosphere of social settings. I am inspired by the light, movement and mood evoked by different events. Through the application of oil paint, I strive to compare the elusiveness of these qualities to the unpredictability of social interactions. When examining my surroundings, especially during times of fervor, I am able to gather information on the way people act and how these actions comprise the atmosphere as a whole. I take photographs and notes on how I perceive events at that moment, and from this data, I establish the foundation for my painting. Public celebrations, holidays, or even simple activity in the street at the end of a workday, all influence the composition of my paintings. The general encompassing theme of my work is the focus on human and personal development as influenced by nature and society.

Daniela Tanaka LoDaniela Tanaka Lo, e.tea.quette I, mixed media, 2011

Daniela Tanaka Lo | Artist’s Statement
My work explores the idea of self-presentation and the way we present ourselves in social situations. Individuals may adjust aspects of their presentation according to social settings, revealing only what they think is appropriate. I communicate this difference between a person’s inner thoughts and outer actions by combining loose, gestural drawings with tight, precise screen-printing. The drawings represent the inner emotions of an individual while the screen prints represent the facade we may cover ourselves with to be more presentable. My subject matter is food-related, as eating and drinking are important aspects of social activity and interactions.