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Me. More. Is.
Dominique Jones, Elisabeth Randell, and Jennifer Bryson
May 3 - June 10, 2011 (Reception: May 7, 4:00-6:00pm)

Tracing Coogee, oil on canvas, 2011
Jennifer Bryson, Tracing Coogee, oil on canvas, 2011

The exhibition Me. More. Is. is an exhibition of oil paintings and prints by three fourth year fine art students. Each artist draws on a collection of memories to create works that revisit and explore significant and resounding experiences of their past.

The line between reality and dream grows ever fainter with time.

For Jennifer Bryson, this past year has been a journey in the development of her oil painting. It has transformed and progressed under the inspiration of various artists as she continues to explore new methods of abstraction and approaches to light and colour.

Working from original imagery allows her to create a stronger and more intimate connection between the work and herself. These scenes symbolize a surreal experience that now exists solely in the form of abstract memories.

Jennifer is extracting obscure thoughts and transforming them into something substantial, something tangible. These are attempts to solidify, rather than abandon memories to slowly fade into the vast expanse of the psyche.

Florentine Fountain II, mixed media on canvas, 2011
Dominique Jones, Florentine Fountain II, mixed media on canvas, 2011

Places that we travel to, as well as the familiar sights of what we call home have a profound impact on our emotions. In this series of paintings Dominique Jones has tried to demonstrate her memory of these places through the use of color and mark making. These images do not mimic the actual appearance of the scene, nor is it meant to. These are my impressions.

No relationship is simple or two-dimensional; they are intrinsically complex and multi-layered. Trying to understand or interpret ones own relationships concurrently with the secondary ones that encircle all of us at any given moment, can seem overwhelmingly cryptic and mystifying.

Intellectual Beauty, mixed media, 2011
Elisabeth Randell, Intellectual Beauty, mixed media, 2011

However sentimental or personal a connection two people may have, be it a family relation, a lover, or friend, whether their affect on you was for better or for worse, and whether you recognized it consciously or subconsciously it can have a humbling and unifying effect to know that others have gone through the same emotions. Randell’s ambition is to communicate a visual documentation of feeling and reflection, whilst attempting to capture immediate and resonating feelings surrounding each specific memory or person.

Jennifer Bryson will be traveling throughout Europe this summer, until she begins work in Toulouse, France in the fall. Elisabeth Randell is relocating to her native city, Ottawa, and is currently exhibiting in a local artist run gallery. Dominique Jones will return to complete a fifth year in studies of art history, in order to continue on in the field of museology.