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Body of Work
Laura Stewart, Katie Strang, Bronwyn Loucks
February 18 - March 9, 2011
Artist talk: March 2, 2:30pm, followed by discussions with Master of Art Conservation students Tessa Thomas and Tasia Bulger
Reception: March 5, 6-8 pm

Body of Work Installation View
Installation view

Laura Stewart’s work is an ongoing examination of perception and its relationship to reality. Using images from nature as a background, she then layers figures into the foreground with pastels, oils and varnish. Her work tries to create an atmosphere that blurs the line between reality and its distorted, fragmented forms. Playing with the figure, she morphs some into hybrids, which have features that are more animal than human. This, along with the highly stylized backgrounds, calls into question whether the setting itself is a real place or one that is internal, imaginary and dream-like. Most of these distorted realities are an amalgam of colour, images and marks which emphasize the figurative. By doing so, Stewart aims to illustrate the pivotal role an individual’s perception plays in constricting a world that is either real or completely distorted.

Laura Stewart is in the fourth year of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Queen’s University, majoring in painting. Her paintings are primarily figurative and reference artists like Egon Schiele. After graduation, Laura plans to travel and pursue a post-graduate education in Art Business overseas.

Bronwyn Loucks is interested in the cognitive mind’s fluidity between reality and imagination in relation to the body - how the body has the capacity to be present in the physical world or in the vast, meditative space of dreams and memories. Her artwork reflects on how the human body occupies both of these spaces in concrete ways. Loucks explores this duality by merging concrete symbols like architecture plans and the human body with abstract and ethereal worlds of colour.

Bronwyn Loucks is in her fourth year of Fine Arts at Queen’s University where she specializes in oil painting. She grew up in the rural community of Chesley, Ontario where her creativity has always been encouraged and supported. Her grandmother’s Sunday afternoon painting classes and art camp with her mother are particularly special memories.

Katie Strang's wire sculpture
Katie Strang, Installation view

Katie Strang’s interests lie in the language of the human form: how we read the bodies of other people and understand our worlds through our own. The motion of the body is intensely expressive and even static forms can be filled with tension and the potential for motion. Strang created these sculptures so they can be read as bodies, despite their abstract surfaces. By poising the life-sized sculptures towards the audience, the viewers are confronted with their own physicality. The light wire sculptures are not dopplegangers for people, just references to us.

Katie Strang is a fourth year student in the BFA program, a varsity wrestler, and a big fan of the central nervous system. Her work explores the physical environment and its contribution to our experiences.