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Synergies: selected works by five emerging artists from Kingston
Jenny Brown, Catherine Toews, Erin Milliken,
Anna Elmberg Wright, Kaethe Yanovsky
May 15 - June 26, 2010
Reception: May 15, 2010 7-9p

Synergies Promo

The exhibition Synergies brings together a selection of works by five emerging artists from Kingston, all of whom participated in the Union Gallery’s inaugural Art Shift project. The program pairs emerging artists with established artists in a mentorship that assists them with critical and practical aspects of their art practice. The pieces in Synergies were produced by these artists over the course of the program and converge in a mosaic of artworks that capture the essence of Kingston’s art scene. Jenny Brown and Anna Elmberg Wright explore the impact of human actions in our current cultural moment, Brown through assemblages of insects and skeletal remains constructed from disposable ephemera of our technology-laden culture and Elmberg Wright through her practice of walking, from which she creates concrete sculptures embedded and imbued with the narrative of cast off debris found along the city sidewalks and shorelines. In her work, Catherine Toews attempts to come to terms with the vicissitudes of daily life, channeling her anxieties and uncertainties through representations of the female body and garishly dressed and made-up portraits of women. Kaethe Yanovsky’s works are visual metaphors for mental spaces. She creates paintings that use form, colour, and shadow to evoke a particular mood, emotion or to trigger a memory. And, Erin Milliken’s interest in relationships imagined and real, animal and human is reflected in her paintings and prints of a solitary imperfectly formed human-like figure, a giant salamander nymph, and other assorted creatures. I would like to thank Chantal Rousseau for her invaluable assistance as project coordinator, and all of the artist mentors and the emerging artist participants- it has been a pleasure.

Jocelyn Purdie, Director/Curator

A publication catalogue of this exhibition is available for $5 in the gallery.

We thank the Ontario Arts Council Visual and Media Arts Program
and the City of Kingston Arts Fund for their support of the Art Shift program.