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The Light Show
Maria Paterakis and Rhiana Sneyd
November 30, 2010 - January 8, 2011
Artist talk: December 2, 2:30pm (Reception: December 4, 2010, 6-8pm)

Maria Paterakis
Maria Paterakis, Carousel, mixed media on canvas, 2010

The Light Show, is a slightly over-the-top, in-your-face experience of light and colour. Exploring the effects of both natural and artificial light, the artists present large-scale paintings infused with raucous colours and high contrasts to create an intense and exhilarating visual experience.

Maria Paterakis’ explores luminosity within various atmospheric spaces. After studying the work of the Fauves and contemporary artists such as Fabio Bianco, Paterakis decided to create large-scale, almost overbearingly vibrant paintings that were solely about the exploration of colour and light. She is specifically interested in artificial light and the fluorescent effect it can have on colours whether it be from the blazing bulbs of a fairground carousel or the chemical limelight of a nightclub. In attempting to represent this fluorescence she uses materials such as incandescent acrylics, spray paint, and shiny enamels to represent the harshness and intensity she associates with artificial light.

Maria Paterakis is from Toronto and since attending art school in Grade 4, she has always immersed herself in the study of various forms of visual and performance arts. She is now in her final year of the Fine Arts Program at Queen’s University.

Rhiana Sneyd, Rainy Day
Rhiana Sneyd, Rainy Day in the City, oil on panel, 2010

Rhiana Sneyd’s recent work is an exploration of the harsh and yet beautiful qualities of light and colour. She is attracted to everyday streetscapes, especially at dusk, when figures and buildings become ambiguous and when light and shadow take over. Sneyd is interested in the transformative yet transitory existence of light. Her use of bold colours and stark contrast highlight the spectacular and dramatic displays of light present in ones often unconscious, everyday experience.

Rhiana Sneyd is a fourth year Fine Art student at Queens’s University. Growing up in Unionville, Ontario, she has had a passion and drive for art all her life. Over the years, she has worked in a range of media and th pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolour, acrylics and has studied various techniques in sculpture and printmaking. For the past three years, her medium of choice has been oil paint which she intends on further exploring throughout her fourth year thesis.