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human condition
Mary Macdonald and Justin Steinburg
March 23 - April 25 , 2010
Reception: April 24, 2010 2-4p / Artist Talk: March 25, 2010, 3p

Install View
Installation, 2010

The exhibition, titled human condition features artists Mary Macdonald and Justin Steinburg who are in their 4th year of the BFA program at Queen’s University. Both Macdonald and Steinburg are interested in what it means to be human. Mary Macdonald uses large-scale sculptural installations that encourage the viewer to enter and participate in the environments she creates. Justin Steinburg uses colour as a way of portraying what he sees, an external expression of the internal being.

Light has many meanings in many cultures, but for Steinburg it is the source of his art. For him, colour is a manifestation of light and a chief component in the expression of the soul. Light is made up of a spectrum of colors, where each color creates a different intensity and tone. He uses color to represent a feeling or emotional response to a specific moment, event, person or image.

Justin Steinburg plans to complete his MFA after graduation. Born in Ottawa, Ontario, he has lived in seven different countries, from Trinidad and Tobago to Seoul, South Korea. His extensive travels have influenced his work, he creates artworks that speak universally to all cultures and people through images that evoke visual and sensory responses.

Mary Macdonald’s, primary interest as an artist is to invite the audience to engage – with her art and art in general – but more importantly, to encourage the viewer to make the choice to see what is going on around them. Through the use of salvaged materials, she hopes that one might see their own connection to the processes and pathways through which we in the modern world proceed. She seeks to provoke an emotional or physical response which in turn might lead to intellectual inquiry. Macdonald is interested in creating beauty and is inspired by works which are life affirming and evoke the grace of
being human.

Mary Macdonald was born in Alberta, moved to Ontario got married, then moved to California, had two fantastic girl childs, then moved back to Ontario. She is at the very tippy end of her 4 year BFA at Queen`s University and, upon graduating, will continue to practise art in Bloomfield Ontario. Her fabulous husband started a winery so together they are covering a pretty good portion of the enjoymentof life.