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...Dust to Dust
Lisa Figge
July 6 - August 6, 2010
Reception: 29 July, 5-7p

86 hands, mixed media
86 hands on the road, installation, mixed media 2009

Dust to Dust is a retrospective of sorts, encompassing documentation and sculptural elements from a selection of the artist’s public interventions and performances that were produced over the last three years. Including images of the artist dressed in a suit of leaves and carrying a brief case on local buses and an installation of cast plaster hands on a roadside beach near the recently installed windmills on Wolfe Island, the works in this show highlight Figge’s interest in issues concerning the environment and agency and reflects her desire to access a creativity that drives the ecological citizen.

Since September 2008 Lisa Figge has been living with the idea of ‘ecological citizenship’ held restlessly in the spot that floats just in front of her cerebral cortex. And like the metaphorical reddish-yellow root vegetable, it has stayed just out of reach never resolving into something fully obtainable. Dust to Dust is one epilogue (of boundless other possibilities) that has emerged from this process.

Put simply, the work in this exhibition is a survey of the projects developed over Figge’s time in Queen’s University Masters of Environmental Studies program where she is making art as a means of
researching the concept of the ecological citizen, a term that has emerged recently in research exploring our responsibility towards the earth. Part of her working method is to engage a process, which is, as honestly as she can achieve—Figge’s own invention. This activity reflects her deep desire to access a creativity that emboldens the impulse that drives the ecological citizen. In other words this work attempts to engage with ethical impulses and political actions as a way of examining the human—nature divide which shapes our existence in the world.

Figge states, "I haven’t always chosen to concentrate so rationally on this hard-to-identify impulse called ecological citizenship, or name it in this way, but it has been there directing and driving me into the spaces which make me who I am and in turn shift and shape, ever so slightly, the world I make contact with".

Lisa Figge grew up in Manitoba and she now lives in Kingston, Ontario with her family. She has almost completed her Masters of Environmental Studies where she is using art as a research tool for understanding and acting out ecological citizenship.